Montessori education

Class Offerings

Mornings Monday through Friday

This class is 3 hours per day running Monday through Friday. This provides a total of 15 hours of instruction per week. This traditional Montessori program is intended for students and parents who have a focus on acquiring academic skills in reading, mathematics and geography. In addition to our fabulous Montessori program, this option provides your child with yoga and music classes as well as the enriched phonics program.

The class time is from 8:45 to 11:45 am.


5 days, 60 hours of instruction, $495.00 per month or $4950.00 annually.

We will also accept three and four day registrations for the morning program. Registration must be for consecutive days, Monday through Wednesday or Monday through Thursday.

3 days, 36 hours of instruction, $300.00 per month or $3000.00 annually.

4 days, 48 hours instruction, $400.00 per month or $4000.00 annually.

Afternoon Three Day Program : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

This three day per week Tuesday through Thursday offering is an amazing value for those wanting a basic Montessori program for their child. It is suitable for all new Montessori students. Classes will be 3 hours per day for a total of 9 hours of Montessori instruction per week.

The class time is from 12:15 to 3:15 pm.

Fee: $1750.00 annually or $175.00 per month.

Special Offers: Register for the three day afternoon program before January 4, 2016 and the monthly fee will be reduced to $175.00 per month. Register for any 2015/16 school year program before January 4, 2016 and the registration fee will be reduced to $75.00

Please note that in addition to the tuition fees there is a non-refundable $200.00 registration fee due at the time of registration. This fee applies to all programs. This fee covers school supplies and snacks for special events held at the school. Other than field trips, the fees are inclusive and parents will not be charged for any extras.

Montessori Staff

  • Montessori Directress: Barb Fulton (PDP, ECE, North American Montessori Teaching Certificate, Member of the Montessori Foundation and British Columbia Montessori Association)
  • Licensee/Montessori Administrator: Bryan Fulton (B.A. ECCO, Certificate in Public Administration, ECA, Western Montessori Teacher’s College Teaching Certification)
Montessori education

"I did not invent a method of education…I simply gave some little children a chance to live"

Dr. Maria Montessori