Montessori education

What We Offer

Our students receive a well-rounded preparation for life and school with a distinct emphasis on academic skills, respect and care for oneself and others in a multi-aged class.

The children are encouraged to make independent choices with their work and are used to handling a large variety of materials and ideas. They learn to work solo, with a teacher, as well as in small and class-size groups. They learn to discuss problems with the idea of solving them logically and with concern for their classmates. Early on, older children are asked to help and mentor their younger friends. Older children feel pride in what they can offer young children and young children look up to older children as heroes.

Montessori’s vision for education of the preschool aged child has now existed for 100 years in every part of the world in a large variety of settings and continues to grow and change. The principles of the philosophy remain intact: Montessori education is for ALL children. Montessori education is a method for children to reach their own best individual potential while understanding how it is to work and live in a school peer group.


  1. Practical Life/Art
  2. Sensorial
  3. Mathematics
  4. Language and Reading (phonetic)
  5. Cultural (Music, Science, Geography, Botany and Zoology)

We also include circle time, physical education, show and tell, cooking and special events and field trips in our program. We strive to maintain a student to teacher ratio of no more than seven to one. Special Events have included: Halloween Fun Day, Easter Egg Hunt, & Winter Concert

Montessori education

"Children are given the opportunity for intellectual exploration with the freedom to grow in social grace, inner discipline and joy"

Dr. Maria Montessori